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Premier Medical Centre

We are a group of dedicated doctors who believe in working together to provide the highest professional standard of care to our patients. Our centre was established in 2006 by 5 doctors who share a common vision of providing quality care to members of the whole family. We have expanded into a multi-specialty medical centre offering a wide range of medical services.

Health Plans

The Road to Premier Health Starts with You

It is always better to prevent disease than to treat it. The cornerstone to good health is a healthy lifestyle. This means regular exercise, healthy eating habits and appropriate ways to cope with stress. Where do you start? You can start by listening to your body. Do you constantly feel tired and have no energy? Do you have trouble coping with stress and tension? Do you often feel unwell? These might be your body's way of telling you that you need to slow down and take stock of your health. A check-up with our family physician is a good way to start this process. We can advise you on any health problems you may have. We can assess if you have any risk factors for certain illnesses. A check-up is a way to take stock of your overall health status at that point in time. Based on your results our family physician can give you more detailed advice. If necessary you will be referred to an appropriate specialist for further assessment.

There is no time like the present. Start listening to your body. The road to premier health starts at your doorstep.

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