Message from
Chief Executive Officer

Premier Medical Centre is designed to care for our patients at their various stages of life, starting from baby delivery, childhood to adult medicine, reproductive medicine as well as various diseases of the elderly with family medicine covering across all age groups.

We meant to care for the whole family tree so that we will be their most trustworthy healthcare partner. Under this notion, our staffs are well trained and professional and yet fully supporting life-long learning to keep up their knowledge and skills on par with contemporary development. This is reflected in our Corporate Values which emphasize on Empathy, Ethics and Excellence. My joining of the Corporate as the Chief Executive Officer gives me the pride to work with such a prestigious group. On the other hand, I feel obliged to take on the challenges and commitments to move our organization forward under this strategic Vision and Mission. We value our clients and we treasure our staff. We utilize high technology and we help patients getting over their illnesses with caring hearts. I am confident that with the engagement of our clients and the dedication of our staff, we would bring better quality health to all under the umbrella of the Premier Medical Family!





Dr. David Lam